Ford Trucks has developed an innovative technology to help truckers ride more safely and avoid recurring accidents from a common situation in their travel routine: sleep while drivin.

At first glance looks like a common cap, but comes equipped with sensors that can interpret the driver's head movements and alert you to the fact that he is tired.

The alert is made by the generation of three types of signals: vibratory, visual and sound, avoiding the driver to take a rest before following the trip.

The first step in the creation of the accessory was to carry out a study to identify the movements of the truck driver related to his normal work routine and those that indicate sleep. This database was then transferred to the central cap processing unit, which works connected to an accelerometer and a gyroscope to identify each type of situation.

The launch of SafeCap happened during the opening of FENATRAN 2017, the largest international truck fair in Latin America, as part of the commemoration of Ford's 60 years of Ford production, symbolizing the brand's spirit of innovation and its constant investment in research focused on traffic safety and the thousands of professionals who drive daily to drive the country's economy.

"Ford is the first automaker to think of a 'wearable' technology to use while the driver is behind the wheel and can contribute to accident prevention. In this way, we reinforce our commitment to bring technology onboard not only in vehicles, but also in accessories that make life easier for the driver, and focus on safety as a priority in our technology investments, "said Lyle Watters, president of Ford America. South, when presenting the cap for the first time to the public.

The Ford SafeCap was tested for 8 months by a select group of drivers, for more than 5,000 km under real driving conditions. He was also introduced to experts in the area of traffic safety and sleep studies, who recognized their potential to assist in the prevention of road accidents.